Rapid urbanization and the advent of the digital age are creating new opportunities for the spatial distribution of people and resources in cities. Most cities need decentralization and creation of new points of growth and attraction. Having abandoned the monocentric organization of urban space in favor of the polycentric one, we can get rid of the problems inherited from the past. Even super-comfortable mini-settlements on the suburban areas will not become points of attraction if their transport accessibility is not ensured. It is an indispensable component of any “growth point”. Any big area development is an attempt to take look in future and standard skills are no longer enough, everything is much broader and more complex.
Thoughtful architecture and proper urban planning can connect nature, technology and people. This symbiosis is the main tool for ensuring the quality development of cities. We are trying that our new big area projects become a catalyst for socially sustainable transformations in our city and a locomotive for the creation of new self-sufficient urban areas.
Thoughtful urban planning can serve both people and stimulate the qualitative growth.

Master planning in our execution is not only general layout, but an integrated approach to the development of the territory, which includes:

  • Comprehensive solution of architecture, infrastructure and transport issues
  • Harmonious combination of residential, commercial and recreational areas
  • Exploring the history of a place
  • Embedding the project in the existing environment
  • Possibility of development by phases
  • The effectiveness of financial investments
  • Investment attractiveness of the project at any stage
  • General concept of environment and landscape design
  • Marketing and branding of the area